Hunting Specials

Current Hunting Specials!

New! Broke Horn Oryx Bull Meat Hunts: $975 Each

New Low Price! Mature Elk Cow Hunts: Now $1350 Each, Only 3 Left at this Price!

New Low Price! Mature Water Buffalo Hunts – Now $1650 each: Only 2 Left at this Price! 

Two Broke Horn Blackbuck Antelope Hunts: $850 each | One side 18″-20″, other side broke at a about half the horn.

Two Mature Bison Cow Hunts (800-900 lbs on the hoof): $1,850 Each

 Full Curl Ram Hunts: $400 Each

Axis Spike Hunts: Only $375 for a Limited Time!

 Aoudad Ewe Hunts: Only $295 Each


18″  Blackbuck Antelope Hunts: Only $1,750

Catalina Billy Goat Hunts: ONLY$495

Fully guided hunts with guaranteed shot opportunity on all exotics. No extra trophy or kill fees. Book these now as they will not last long! 512-635-0641

Wild Hog Day Hunts are Back!

$150 per Person per Day | One Hog

3 Person Minimum 

Additional Hogs: $100 Each

Hog Hunting Weekend Package
Only $395 pp
*Includes Stand/Feeder Hunt and Allows for the Harvest of Up to 3 Hogs per Hunter
*Includes DBHR Lodging for Two Nights
*Semi-Guided Hunt
*Two Person Minimum
*20% Guide Gratuity Not Included*

Booking Details? Call Danny at